History of Chan Siu Hung ()

A History of Chan Sui-Hung

By Chan Yui-Chi, taken from chapter 46 of The History of Choy Lee Fut
Translated by Howard Choy, July 2002.

(Chan Sui-Hung) practised his skills with perserverance and attached importance to loyalty and righteousness. Unlike others, he practised relentlessly and believed nothing is impossible if a person puts his mind to it.

Chan Sui-Hung was nicknamed Dian Chi; (or Crazy Chi; Chi was a man of antiquity who feared that the sly would fall). He worked as a repairer of carry-baskets and first studied with my father (Chan Koon-Pak) at Chow Yung Jo (a village in Xin Hui). His patience and loyalty impressed my father so much that after many years of tuition he was not only taught the Kung Fu skills but also herbal medicine and Dit-Da.

(Chan Koon-Pak) suggested that he should change his profession to selling medicine in the street, and gave him the name Sui-Hung. He became quite well-known in the surrounding district but was always courteous and respectful, and never used his skills to show-off. He always acknowledged Chan Heung as his Si-Jo and Chan Koon-Pak as his Sifu.

Later he retired from travelling the lakes and rivers; and settled down in Toi-Shan City, Sai Yup County. I have heard that his specialty was the Yuen Bin (Chain Whip) and Fei Tor (Rope Dart).

(Chan Sui-Hung demonstrates that) if a person can study continuously and is of good faith and character, he can become a useful person.